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Wine and unwind with our Sips and Serenity event. Whether you need muscle recovery or are looking for a fun way to practice the art of Yoga this class is perfect for novice and experienced yogi.

Taylor Apfelbaum experiences life through her passions and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Yoga is a practice that leads us to discover our truth. Taylor is trained in both vinyasa (flowing & invigorating) and yin (still & meditative) yoga. Sips & Serenity is a balanced blend of these styles 30 minutes vinyasa & 30 minutes of yin inspired by the qualities of a featured wine // delicate, complex & feminine. This yoga practice will connect you the enduring strength of femininity, or Shakti the vast creative force of the universe, within all of us. And everything including yoga, is better with a glass of wine.

Ticket price includes your first glass of wine. Arrive at 5:30 for a social 30 minutes then one hour of yoga to follow.