Just a Couple of Moms Catering is announcing a name change to Nectar Catering and Events. Just a Couple of Moms Catering has been providing quality and award winning food service and delivery since 2009. In 2013 the business owners Tom and Kathleen White moved their kitchen operation from their home to the basement of the 1889 building and established a strong partnership with Josh Wade’s Nectar Tasting Room. In 2015, Tom and Kathleen moved and Wade bought the business and continued with the same staff and operation.


“Over the last 18 months I have seen the need to rebrand from ‘The Moms’ to something that speaks more to my brand and business direction,” says Josh. “This change aligns with where we are headed as  a business and positions us as a regional leader in the catering space.” Over the next few months Nectar Catering and Events will be launching a new web and mobile presence and will continue to streamline operations moving toward a full re-launch in 2017. “The quality of the food and service is as good as ever,” says Josh, “and the team is developing creative menus and recipes that will continue to move us forward in the future.”


Josh Wade is also the owner of Nectar Tasting Room, Nectar Wine and Beer and nectarMEDIA, a social media consulting firm.