Our Talented and Dedicated Team

We pride ourselves on our amazingly talented and award winning team. We are dedicated to helping you create unforgettable experiences either in the historic 1889 building downtown or at the location of your choice. Our promise to you is timely communication, friendly service, coordinated event management, classic decor and quality food.

Josh Wade
Josh WadeOwner
Josh Wade is the owner of Nectar Catering and Events, Nectar Wine and Beer and nectarMEDIA (a digital marketing company). Josh started his business journey with a wine blog in 2009 and parlayed the interest and attention from social media into Nectar Tasting Room, 2011-2017. Josh’s goal is to create rich experiences for people around quality wine, craft beer and delicious food.
Ben Simons
Ben SimonsFood and Beverage Manager
Ben has been with Nectar since 2013. Ben met Josh through a wine blog called Vinotology. Ben and Josh shared a similar passion for wine and through a series of events Ben and his family made their way from West Texas to Spokane. Ben is equal parts wine and beer nerd and exudes passion and knowledge of each. Ben assures that you get the most unique and tasty craft beverages he can find.
Kendall Leclaire
Kendall LeclaireEvent and Catering Director
Kendall is a former body builder and figure skater / instructor. In addition to being a self professed foodie, she is passionate about wine and is a member of the Court of Sommelier. Kendall is your primary point of contact for catering and events. She is committed to helping you through the process and you will be impressed with her meticulous attention to details.
Steven Swanson
Steven SwansonExecutive Chef
Steven grew up north of Spokane in Newport, WA and went to culinary school at Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale. Chef has worked at Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar and the Coeur d’Alene resort locally and in Seattle worked at Microsoft Lancer Catering and Everett Golf and Country Club. Steven’s culinary creativity and passion add a unique touch to our menus that set us apart.