Appetizer Platters

Add these to any order as a pre-meal snack or as light fare for your guests. All prices are per person.

Caprese display $5.00

Shrimp cocktail  $7.00

Alder smoked salmon with cream cheese $7.00

Pupu platter( mini spring rolls, pork potstickers, bbq pork, coconut shrimp)$ 10.00

BBQ Pork Platter $5.00

Antipasto Platter (traditional style platter consisting of prosciutto, pepperoncini, pickled vegetable, artichoke hearts and olives served with crackers) $7.00

Crudite (veggie display) $4.00

Fruit display $5.00

Cheese display $6.00

Fruit and Veggie Display $9.00

Antipasto and Cheese Display (combination of both items) $11.00


Bacon Jam and Goat Cheese Crostini


All prices are per person

Brie and berry bites  $3.50 2 pieces

Blackberry and Gorgonzola Crostini $4.00 (2 pieces ea)

Ahi Poke $6.00

Crab Dip $6.00

Teriyaki Steak Bites $5.00

Moroccan Carrots w/ Hummus $3.50 (2 pieces)

Marinated vegetable display $4.00

Black Pepper and Mini Asiago Croissants $3.00 (2 pieces)

Sweet Heat Sticky Korean Wings $5.00 (3 pieces)

House Made Warm Onion Dip w/ Chips $4.00

Tenderloin crostini with blue cheese spread and pickled red onion $6.00 2 pieces

Coconut shrimp with sweet chili sauce $6.00 3 pieces

Pork Potstickers $4.00 2 pieces

Mini spring rolls $3.00 3 pieces

Meatballs with choice of sauce (bbq, swedish, sweet and sour, teriyaki) $3.00 4 pieces                  

Tamari rice cracker with smoked salmon and sriracha cream cheese $6.00 2 pieces

Sausage stuffed mushrooms $3.50 3 pieces

Bruschetta crostini $3.00 2 pieces

Ceviche in a cucumber cup $4.50 2 pieces

Spanakopita cups $3.00 2 pieces

Bacon jam and goat cheese crostini $4.50 2 pieces

Beef skewers with rub( moroccan, herb and garlic, teriyaki, or south american) $5.00 2 pieces

Crab cakes $6.00 2 pieces

Beef bulgogi skewers $5.00 3 pieces

Bacon wrapped shrimp  with maple syrup $4.00 3 pieces