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Seems like travelling the world, or anywhere for that matter has been put on hold. As the world breathes fresh air again it is time to do what we like to do, explore! If you can’t explore the physical world at least we can explore the culinary world. Once again Chef Steven has put together a line up of culinary experiences that will have you dreaming of air travel again. The Wine Wednesday Dinner Series is a 3 course buffet dinner with 3 wines expertly paired by owner Josh Wade. For this series we will unveil the new branding for the 1889 Building and the secret 1889 Mine dining room. The dinner series sells out quickly. Buy individual tickets are save when you commit to all seven. Doors open at 5pm, dinner starts at approximately 6pm. Check out the delicious menus below!


Time to Travel Again

July 14 France Le Temps de Voyager

Melon and prosciutto salad

Cassoulet (white bean stew)

Clafoutis (custard with fruit )


July 21 Thai Welā pị theī̀yw

Papaya Salad

Thai Curry

Mango Pudding


July 28 Morocco waqt alsafar

Potato Carrot and Rice Salad

Couscous with Lemon Olive Tagine

Lemon cake


August 4 Israel זמן לנסוע

Roasted Cauliflower and Hazelnut Salad

Chicken Shawarma

Chocolate Krantz Cake


August 11 India yaatra karane ka samay

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Chicken Tikka Masala

Mango Lassi


August 18 New Orleans Get your travel mojo on, yall

Green salad




August 25 Tijuana tiempo para viajar

Chips and homemade guacamole

Caesar Salad

Tamales with homemade salsa

Caramel Flan